In a recent survey carried out to determine the main obstacles businesses and organisations face when considering migrating to the cloud – this is the most common response by far! *

It seems the majority of organsations are aware of the benefits of cloud and particularly AWS as a cloud provider but most are concerned about the following:

  1. Potential disruption
  2. Migration costs **
  3. Will Performance gain be enough to justify migration

At Echo Media, we make every effort to answer these concerns and allay fears ahead of any migration we undertake. Here is an overview of our approach and how we aim to address these concerns before we begin any project:

  1. Review existing client architecture
  2. AWS Cloud architecture diagram created (shared with client)
  3. Monthly cost evaluation undertaken on proposed architecture
  4. Projected performance report
  5. Migration cost and timeline road-map created

This way there is full transparency of what is involved, how much it will cost, what we expect to achieve and how long it will take to get there. This also give clients the opportunity to compare with their existing architecture to see if progressing with a migration is justified.

Please feel free to contact us where we can discuss in more detail our approach and how we may be able to help get your systems into the AWS Cloud. We are an AWS Partner so we offer consultancy or undertake complete projects ourselves.


* We will releasing more detail of the complete survey in the coming weeks
** even when monthly savings are taken into account