Database Management

We know that many businesses are reluctant when it comes to migrating to a new network or software system. Concerns about disruption to business, customers and staff all contribute to the fear associated with implementing change. It doesn’t have to be a headache. No matter how your data is currently stored it is possible to migrate it to a new system. Our team is experienced in database management & migration strategy and will work with you to minimise any potential disruption. The key to ensuring a smooth transition between systems is in meticulous planning. We’ll work with you to develop a plan within your business requirements so that there is minimal downtime and disruption. And no headaches.

Once a data migration strategy has been planned we recreate your existing platform on a staging environment in AWS. Then we run performance tests to make sure everything is working as it should before we make the final switch for you. Depending on how complex your server architecture is – in most cases the downtime could be less than an hour, in some cases it could be as quick as 60 seconds.

Echo Media are proud to be AWS Consulting Partners so we’re certified for our expertise in cloud based infrastructure. Whether your requirements are managing high volume MySQL, NoSQL, Data Warehousing or Streams we’ll work with you to provide the best seamless solution to your business needs.

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