Echo Media offers maintenance contracts for the management of systems of any size. Any task from a simple website edit to an application feature request can simply be posted on our ticketing system and will be dealt as per the SLA of the contract.

Migrating to the AWS cloud from on-prem is no more challenging that migrating from another provider. There are various tools we can deploy to ensure a speedy and secure transfer. If its a case though that its business critical that part of your infrastructure remains on-premises we can create a hybrid environment where part of your architecture is cloud based and part remains on-premises.

All projects managed by Echo Media have a test (staging/UAT) environment as standard where you can carry out tests. For a website, the initial presence on an Echo Media managed server is on a development or staging environment before being deployed to live (production). This version always persists alongside the production version.

It would all depend on how complex your server architecture is but if you have a public website for example, in most cases the downtime will be no more than an hour. The way we approach a migration is to recreate your existing platform on a staging environment in AWS, run performance tests etc. before making the final DNS switch (propagation can be as little as 60 seconds).

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